Global Sourcing and Procurement are real opportunities for cost reduction and competitive advantage. These cost reductions have as objective to create a direct channel between the importer and exporter, reducing the number of intermediates in the Supply Chain. Alpha Sourcing’s end-to-end Sourcing Intelligence can assure the best suppliers, capable and competitive for your business.

Our Activities:

  • Evaluation of the current expenses of a company (what is purchased, where, at what prices?);
  • Assessment of the supply market (who offers what?);
  • Analysis of total costs (how much does it cost to provide these goods or services?); > Identification of appropriate suppliers;
  • Factory audit and quality inspection;
  • Development of a supply strategy (where to buy, considering demand and supply situations, minimizing risks and costs);
  • Negotiation with suppliers (products, service levels, prices, geographical coverage, payment terms, etc.);
  • Follow up the results and restart the evaluation (continuous cycle).